Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Almost there!...Nearly done catching myself up and BOY does it feel good!!!...So let's get right to it and do it, shall we?!?!?...Well, this next super sweet family came to see me all the way from the ATL (although MawMaw and PaPa are fellow Talladegans, like myself)...Mommy actually called me just as the Christmas season was getting underway, but we were so crazy swamped with our holiday madness, that January was the earliest we could get everybody in...So, Mommy, Daddy and C & C (and their puppy dog, too!) headed this way over the weekend and like troopers, we all braved the freezing cold and the blistering winds to get the job done :)...And I tell you what, to look at some of these fabulouso shots, you'd just never know how crazy cold we all were (but trust me, we were!!!)...So here y'all go!...Just a little teaser to hold you all over...Hope y'all enjoy and as you know, I'll be back again shortly...See y'all then!...-EPJ
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well, I'm still a wee bit out of order, but at least I'm nearly caught up :) ...So, bare with me a couple more days for just a few more late postings...Ok, so it was just before Christmas and I received a phone call from the Gigi of these two little beauties!!!...It seemed that little Miss G was getting ready to lose a tooth and we needed a portrait taken STAT!!!...Thankfully for Gigi and mommy and daddy and everyone else, that sweet tooth held on until I returned from Christmas break!...So, just after the holidays, I loaded up my gear and headed over to Gigi's beautiful house, where we took oodles upon oodles of pics of Miss G and her baby sister, Miss M, and then capped the afternoon off with a lovely tea party with some of our best bunny friends :) ...It was too much sweetness even for this mommy of three girls to handle!!!...Hope you enjoy your little tease everyone and hold onto your hats, because there are LOTS more coming up soon!!!...Be back soon with more :) ...-EPJ
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Friday, January 22, 2010


Oooopsie daisy!...I'm a couple of days behind where I thought I would be with my blog postings for this week, so, instead of doing only one update today, get ready, 'cause it's catch-up time!!!...Ok, so these are totally and completely out of order (and more postings to come over the weekend, or early next week for sure), but for now, here's a few sneaks of a couple of my most recent sessions...First up, the absolutely beautiful Miss A came in last week to see me for a simple little head-shot studio session...She's getting prepared for her first pageant since she was two years old (8 years ago!), and judging from how she handles herself in front of a camera, I know she's gonna go far!!!...AND, regardless of what happens in next month's pageant, I'm totally sold on her entering into the acting world, because she was totally working the camera and her expressions and personality are just to die for!!!...I think it's the middle child syndrome in her, because my middle one is a total super-star, too!!!...So then, a few days after my visit from Miss A, little Mr. J came in over the weekend for his two year session...I can't believe he's already TWO!!!...I've had the privilege of shooting J since he was only 6 weeks old and then again at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months AND one year!!!...Now he's practically a little man running around, talking, playing, etc, etc, etc...We had a great time, and even scooted outside for a few minutes for a couple of shots in the rain...But J and his momma and daddy were total troopers, and we barely even noticed the rain coming down all over us...So, sorry for the backup around here and thank you ever so much for y'alls patience...The good news is, that I'm almost finally caught up...Whatever will I do with myself once I'm all caught up??? ;) ...Only kidding, I'll certainly have plenty to do since I've got session after session after session on the horizon!...I can't wait!!!...Ok, stay tuned, because I still have a birth, a newborn session and a sister session to show off in the coming days, plus a family session coming in from the ATL tomorrow, and a 3 year old session mid-week next week, and a one month and family session next weekend...Whew!!!...Love, love, love it!!!...Ok, see y'all again soon!!!...G'nite all :) ...-EPJ
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***A's Session***

***J's Session***

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Okey dokey artichokeys!!!...Here we go again!...Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog...That's what the next few days are going to be like around here, while I attempt to play catch-up from the holiday craziness of '09...But I'm totally LOVING it and wouldn't have it any other way!...So, when last we left one another, I do believe that I mentioned a number of fabulous sessions that I had the pleasure of being a part of as the old year wrapped up and the new year began...This "little" guy came to see me all the way from the big city of Gadsden, and I do use the term "little" very, VERY loosely...At just four months old, I believe he was well over the 20+ lb. mark according to his sweet mama, and he was wearing those rolls and workin' it for the camera like none other!!!...As his mommy (an old friend of mine from my days back in T-town!) says, "He puts the ROLL in ROLL TIDE!", and when he's bringing home yet another National Championship for Bama in oh, about 18-20 years, I'll be so proud to say that I knew him when ;) ...So, here's the ever so delicious J-man...Couldn't you seriously eat him up?!?!...I can't wait to get my hands on him and his beautiful big sister once Spring arrives...It should be too much cuteness for me to handle!...So, enjoy boys and girls, and get ready, 'cause there's still lots more to follow!!!...-EPJ
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Monday, January 18, 2010


Happy NEW YEAR y'all!!!!...And what an awesome 2010 it's shaping up to be!!!...So, I betcha y'all think I fell off the face of the earth for a little bit, didn't you?!?!...Nope, I didn't...I just took a well needed vacation over the holidays and bonded and relaxed with my family for the first time in what seemed like forever...It was wonderful, and my girls and myself THANK YOU all so much for allowing us that time together, and allowing the blog and work in general, to go to the way-side for just a wee little bit there...But now, we're back and off and running and can't wait to see what this year holds in store for us!!!...If it's anything like 2009, it will be an AMAZING year, because EPJ Photography, has the most AMAZING clients/family/friends that anyone could ever ask for!!!...So, even though y'all haven't seen or heard much from me in the last few weeks, and even though I had a wonderful vacation with my girlies and my hubs over the holidays, don't think for a second that I wasn't as busy as a bee, because boy oh boy was I!!!...I have had the honor and utmost pleasure these last few weeks of being a part of an absolutely gorgeous winter wedding, the birth and newborn session of my dearest friend's new baby girl, a four month session with the happiest, chunkiest baby boy of all time, a headshot session with a breathtakingly beautiful 10 year old,  a 2 year session with one of my favorite little guys who's been visiting me since he was 6 weeks old,  and two of the sweetest little sisters who were "hosting" a tea party with their precious toy bunnies...And when I wasn't shooting my wonderful clients or spending quality time with the fam, I was in Nashville TN enjoying being a part of the most fabulous photography trade show and convention that I could ever even begin to imagine!!!...Just wait til y'all see all the amazing new things coming to EPJ Photography in the coming weeks...You'll just die!!!...Is there any better job in the world than this I ask you?!?!...Nope, I think not!!!...So, get ready y'all, 'cause this blog is about to BLOW UP in the coming days!!!...And on top of all that, we're already booking well into 2010!!!...I just love you guys so much and am so excited about this coming year!!!...Ok, so, let's get right to this then, shall we?...In mid-December, two of my favoritest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with, walked down the aisle, and lucky, lucky me, I was there to capture it all!!!...What a fabulous day, full of fun, full of friends, full of laughs, full of tears and most importantly, full of LOVE!!!...So, since T & T have been so patient while waiting for me to come back into the land of the living, I have a slightly longer blog sneaky-peeky today than usual...So, enjoy Mr. & Mrs. W, and hold onto your hats, because there are LOTS LOTS LOTS more where these came from!!!...See y'all again VERY soon ;) ...-EPJ
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Monday, November 30, 2009


What a beautiful and fabulous way to end what turned out to be a beautiful and fabulous holiday weekend!!!...After yesterday's super quick blog post, I rushed out the door to head to yet another perfect session!!!...How lucky am I???...So, this precious little doll baby and her momma and daddy, came to see me after weeks upon weeks of anticipation...Little Miss L is getting ready to turn the big O-N-E in just over a week or so, and I had the utmost pleasure of capturing her one year pics for the whole family to enjoy for years to come, and it was truly my honor to do so!!!...L was completely like a seasoned champ when it came to having her pictures taken, and she was working my camera like a total rock star!!!...As usual for me, it wasn't exactly easy picking out just a small sample of my favorites to tease on the blog today, so just know, there are tons, tons, tons more where these came from!...Hope y'all enjoy and I'll be back again soon with more!...-EPJ

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hello and goodbye!...This is going to be a super quick today post because I have a LOT of ground to cover and not a lot of time in which to do it, so here we gooooooooooo!!!!!!...Yesterday was of course just pure PERFECTION!!!...First, in the morning, sweet little Miss A came back to visit me, and this time she brought her equally beautiful and sweet big sister, Miss M...We were rockin' around the Christmas tree for a little while, but then apparently we tuckered Miss A slap out, 'cause that baby was out like a light and NOTHING and NO ONE was going to wake her from her sweet dreams (just like when she came to see me for her newborn session nearly 3 months ago!)...But I couldn't have been happier that she drifted off, because when I look at this yummy baby girl fast asleep in front of the Christmas tree, well, I just wanna pinch her delicious little chunky-monkey self!!!...So, then yesterday afternoon, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with the beautiful T & S and boy did we have a blast doing their engagement session!...I haven't talked that much and laughed that hard in a LONG LONG time!!!...I didn't even want to leave, and OH, the stories I could tell ;) ...But I won't!...I'm saving them for a rainy day when I need a good laugh :)...So, without further ado, I present you with a little tease of Miss A and Miss M's morning"Merry Mini", and T & S's fantabulous afternoon e-session!!!...I enjoyed yesterday so much because of all of you, so thanks to each of you for helping to make my Thanksgiving weekend so wonderful...See y'all again real soon!...-EPJ

***Merry Mini***